Carlo Roberti and Marco Colassi co-founded Solobuio Visual Factory in 2005 with the aim of making movies.

They decided to train and exercise themselves in the world of music videos, but getting involved in it, and having a great passion for music leads Solobuio to specialization in the field of videoclips leaving aside the project of a feature film.
This process leads to a unique style, music and cinema merge togheter in a whole opera.

This kind of style, a strongly cinematographical visual in a music video draws the attention of the european music scene.

Over the years Solobuio produces music videos for Blutengel, Client, Kirlian Camera, L’Ame Immortelle, Rome, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Neverdream, Calm’n’Chaos, Surgery and many others.

For its tenth anniversary Solobuio takes a choice.

Pausing the music video production and dedicating itself to it’s main pourpouse. Making Movies.

Now in production.