Spiritual Front - Song for the old man

“With this video Carlo gave me the chance to work with one of fav western hero, Gianni Garko. We did a sort of modern italowestern revisited, something special and unique. Carlo has the capability to catch the mood and the spirit of every genre! Super!”  (Simone Salvatori)
Spiritual Front “Song for the old man”
Starring Gianni Garko
Directed by Carlo Roberti
Written by Carlo Roberti, Marco Colassi and Gianni Garko
D.O.P.: Alessandro Leone
Camera assistant Francis J. D’Costa
Make-up Manlio Rocchetti Francesca Meli
with Simone H. Salvatori, Claudia Salvatori, Tommaso Maccari
produced by Solobuio Visual Factory


official band website: www.spiritualfront.com